I would lie if I wrote that I was not shuffling my feet that Maya and Boris had chosen me. I can safely say that I was lucky to run and record what was going to happen this summer. I was waiting for this wedding!
        These two exudes tremendous warmth and real emotions, so you don't have to pretend to be the lens, they just are. In spite of the wonderful work of Gabrysi [bemywife], who with the watch in her hand made everything to the last button, this day flowed at its own pace. No wonder, it's hard to get nervous at Folwark Ruchenka (Folwark Ruchenka - Barn House). Probably only that the party is over ... From the early morning it was felt that it would be a real slow Wedding. Maya could count on her #girlgang so she could chill out completely. Her future husband, on the other hand, sipped a delicious coffee with friends who came straight from Japan. Later, I only remember the first look that played a significant role in the film.
        I don't think you are surprised that I put so much pressure on him? It was real!
        A beautiful outdoor wedding, in addition, live music with my dad in the team, dancing in the open air, bonfire until the morning, can you? You can!
        Finally, we finished the day's work with delicious burgers under the open sky surrounding the magical Ruchenka Farm.
        Maya, Boris - thank you that I could have this day with you!
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