I think everyone has a moment in their „career” when it comes time to make a movie, photo or other service for a person from the industry. It’s no secret that this situation raises the stress bar by at least 50%. This was also the case this time. As far as I remember, it all began at iSwear in Owczarnia, organized by a good friend from the industry – Be My Wife 

        Both me and Piotr were one of many exhibitors. We knew each other before, basically from other fairs. At the time, I never thought that by giving him his business card, he would write to me one evening with his future wife Monika regarding the capture of their wonderful day in my lens (of course I use more than one!). So it happened, an email came from a person from the industry. The date was still winter, and I was rested after the previous season. Without thinking long, reading the message twice, I wrote back – of course I’m free, let’s do it! (in short). Monika and Piotr are a hundred percent locals!

        To sum up – the preparations were to be in Silesia, the wedding was to be in Silesia and the wedding too. And so they did. They combined beautiful apartments in Nikiszowiec with the most Silesian room Szyb Bończyk. Together with Adam Trzcionka I had the pleasure to accompany them all day, and how did it work out? Check it out for yourself!