Hi, I'm Mike!

        This is Hey Folks Films!

        I didn't always know what, but I always knew that I wanted to create something. Not on the way I dreamed of being a fireman or a policeman. It took me some time to look for my own way and idea for life, but now I know - I want to create unusual movies showing your love. Work, if I can call it what I do, came not from choice but from passion. I love to create digital images, both moving and classic photographs.

        I love travelling. It doesn't matter if I'm traveling by plane or by car - the camera always accompanies me. It has a huge impact on the content I create.
        I am available worldwide, no worries!

        Let's make a movie of your trip together! We are often limited only by our imagination and fear of something original and unique.
        On a daily basis you will find me in Katowice, Poland. This is where I live, I sit in my own studio, where I invite you for coffee and a chat. Let us get to know each other, let's talk and create something special.

        Cooperation is the key

        Collaboration is needed to create a beautiful movie. You also have to get involved.
        Let's get to know each other and create something special. Believe me, it's worth it.

        photo: Ania Margoszczyn

        Contact form



        What do we have to do to book an appointment with you?

        The first step is to complete the form in the "Contact form". After completing and sending it, it contacts you to determine the next steps. However, if we can't see each other live, let's do a video call. I approach each pair individually, which is why I would like to meet you! I provide the rest of the information after deciding to cooperate with me.


        Where are you from? Do You make a destination weddings?

        I am from Katowice, Poland, where I am available in our office on a daily basis. Do I commute? Of course! I love traveling, both by plane and by car. We can jump abroad together, why not?


        What are your prices and what do we get in return?

        I send a price offer as soon as I receive a message from you from the form. You get support from me both on the wedding day and before it. If you have questions, dilemmas about your dream day - ask boldly about everything, I will try to advise you. In addition, the film itself is received on an elegant USB stick in a wooden box.


        What is the waiting time for a movie?

        It depends on the length of the film, but it is a 3-5 month range.